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Monday, November 1, 2010

I Just Can't Vote For Ken Buck

There are these tv ads regarding Ken Buck, Republican Senate candidate for the state of Colorado. It's basically all these different people saying "I just can't do it--I just can't vote for Ken Buck." Well, I can't vote for Ken Buck, either--and here's why.
  •  Obviously, he is "pro-life".
     Duh. Moving on.
    • Ken Buck thinks ordinary people make extravagant decisions about their healthcare unless they have to pay for their wretched decisions out of their own pocket.
      Seriously. Don't believe me? Check out Ken Buck's website (emphasis mine):
      Federal policy should also encourage individuals to buy high-deductible policies and to establish health savings accounts. HSAs serve two purposes: They help people build up a cushion to help with medical expenses; and they introduce a greater level of price awareness among healthcare consumers. People can't make smart decisions about healthcare when the price is camouflaged by employer-paid premiums and low-deductible insurance policies.
      Did you get that?

      I will not tolerate a senator who
      • Treats healthcare like the business it has clearly become, to the detriment of the people, and
      • Thinks I'm likely to beg my doctor for ridiculous, expensive procedures because I just don't know any better.
      Who do you think you are, Mr. Buck?

      I mean, is there something I'm missing here? Some logical step I, not being burdened with the wisdom of politicians, have failed to make? Because, how could anyone in their right mind be ok with this line of thinking?

      Does he mean that I will quit smoking if I know I'd have to pay for a lung transplant if I needed one? I guess that's reasonable, but let's keep going with that. Does he mean that I will avoid falling prey to a genetically inherited predisposition to diabetes if I know I'd have to pay for insulin if I get diabetes? Does he mean that I won't drive a car anymore, because I might get in an accident and I'd have to pay for the emergency room visit? Does he mean that I will make sure I'm not born male, because then I'd have a 1 in 6 chance of getting prostate cancer? Does he mean that I will make sure I'm not born female, because then I'd have a 1 in 8 chance of getting breast cancer?

      Do you see where I'm going with this?

      Jesus Christ, I should never have been born! I have a 100% chance of death! If only I'd had an insurance plan with a high deductible; then I could have made the smart decision to abort myself before I even started growing arms.

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      1. Saw your comments on Twitter and thought you might like the Bag Buck game! See it on www.BagBuck.com and grab it in a widget for your blog here if you'd like:http://bagbuck.com/iframe.html

        Fingers crossed for Colorado!